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Online Casino Paypal: Simplest and Fastest Payment

Usually, when it comes to paying them money online casinos offer a dozen of ways. In fact, there is a long list of payment methods.

But when it comes to withdrawing the money you win, the range of possibilities becomes shorter because the withdrawal methods are lower.

If there are about 40 to 50 methods to pay the money, to withdraw those won, we find that only the largest casinos can offer different withdrawal methods.

When it comes to withdrawing money from online casino, Paypal is the best solution. But, in addition, you can also use Neteller, Credit Card Visa, Moneybookers, WebMoney, ClickandBuy and Click2pay.

Choose a Casino and Deposit with Paypal

Depositing money on a casino account is really simple but, before doing that, make sure that the one you’ve chosen to play in is a Paypal online casino.
After a careful registration, open your balance and select PP as a deposit method.

At this point, the casino will ask you how much you want to deposit and the email address you registered with Paypal, while in the next step you will be redirected to the PayPal page that will ask for your password.

Once inserted, your transaction will be completed and your desired amount will be transferred immediately to your balance in the casino in question.
Taking PayPal winnings is just as easy as depositing on the casino account.

Advantages of Paypal Casino

  1. The first advantage of playing a mobile casino Paypal is the speed with which you will be ready to enter the game.
    In fact, with this system, the transactions are immediate and, therefore, no exhausting time of hours or minutes, because your deposited funds will be available instantly.
  2. Paypal withdrawals are also unbeatable, no other company can accredit your winnings in such a short time.
    Within a day or a little while after submitting your request you will have the proceeds of your payout on your PP, ready to be transferred to your credit card or bank account.
  3. Then, choosing to play casinos with PP is also a cheap system, as, as mentioned above, you will not have to pay any prizes for winnings over $100.00 while in the case of digits lower than that, is foreseen a small commission fee of € 1.00.
  4. However, PayPal’s benefits are not over. In fact, thinking of normal moves made with the traditional credit card, the names of the beneficiaries of your deposits will be well highlighted.
    Could this thing affect your privacy and create you problems?
    In this case, playing a casino eliminates the problem at the root, simply because it will never be in the eyes of your bank or who has access to your data to the final recipient.
    It will simply result that the money has been transferred to your PP balance, with absolutely no details on what happened to the money after that.
    So using this great electronic wallet guarantees you total anonymity and full respect for your privacy, everything happens between you and your e-wallet, in a completely “confidential” way.
  5. Playing a Paypal casino mobile is also extremely convenient, as you can access your virtual account even from a mobile device, for example, when you are traveling or on vacation.
    Of course, it is only possible in countries that recognize this virtual portfolio as a form of Payment, but do not despair, PP is used in around 190 countries around the world.
  6. Using PP on online casinos is a guarantee of legality and safety, as this great and famous company only accepts collaborations with portals that are believed to be trustworthy and 100% legal. Paypal has a big name, a great reputation and has all the intentions to keep them.


How to open a PayPal account?

As you’ve seen, PP is one of the most famous online payment systems, if not the first ever, to shop on the most popular e-commerce platforms like eBay, or in so many online stores, as well as being very comfortable to play at casinos Network.

Opening an account on PP is really simple and very convenient, if we add the fact that it is free, you will soon understand why it had so much success also in the online gambling environment.

PayPal is a great alternative to regular credit cards because it works just like a classic bank account, within a few minutes you can sign up, open an account, and start making transactions, that is to receive and deposit money.

To open a PP account to play casino Paypal, the first thing you’ll need to do is connect to and sign up, clicking the “Sign Up” button on the top left, from here you can start creating your free account.

A new page will open in which you will be able to choose the type of account you are interested in and then click the “Start” button.

What types of account can I create with Paypal?

PayPal account types are 3: Personnel, Premier, and Business, each with very specific features and suitable for different purposes, let’s see briefly:

  • Personal: If you are a private person who only wants an account to make online purchases;
  • Premier: In case, in addition to buying you are also going to sell;
  • Business: Suitable for all taxpayers who want to open their own online business.

What type of account I need to play in online casino?

In our case, to play a Paypal casino NZ, both of the first 2 are good.
The most used and, therefore, the most recommended is the second option because once you open your account to play you have already set for future other activities. However, if you do not have any kind of forecast in this regard, just open a Personal account.

At this point you will have to fill in the form with your personal details; Name, surname, phone, address, etc. After clicking on “Create Account” the registration process will be terminated.

Once your subscription to PP has taken place, there is another very important step to make; Checking your balance, which will allow you to remove the limits, confirm your identity, and then (here comes the real advantage to playing with PP) associate a credit card with that account.

Now you are ready to make all payments and withdrawals through Paypal through an intuitive control panel that will also allow you to constantly monitor all your account movements.


As you’ve seen now, PP is a great payment system, so why don’t take advantage of it and play at the best Paypal casinos you find in our top reviews? Check them out and you won’t regret it! Our team of experts are always ready to help you!

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